donkey designs

Donkeys have found their way onto my pots, like they do into peoples lives! more »»


more lustre rocks

more »»


lustre rocks

reduced arabic lustre rocks like those in our river. more »»


lustre vase

wide lustre bowl more »»


more rock pots

more »»


rock pots

lustre explorations based on river rocks. more »»


pelican bowl

a pelican desert bowl more »»


mosaic table

one of my mosaic tabletops using hand fired tiles. more »»



lustre glazes. more »»


lustre glaze

A glaze reflecting the movement of flame in the kiln more »»


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Emily has been a professional potter since the mid 1980s, covering a diverse range of styles and forms, underpinned by her ever popular Blue and White range. Every single piece of Emily Laszuk pottery is handmade, hand-painted and hand fired in her studio south of Cobargo.

jan13 036.jpgThe blue and white range features domestic ware hand thrown and decorated with animals and birds of Australia. Each peice is made to be comfortable to use as well as pleasing to look at.

Lustre ware is more decorative , each pot a unique work of art. I try and combine beauty of form and the glazes that express the flame of the kiln reacting with the precious metals they contain.

Gift certificates are available to allow the reciever to make a more personal choice, just contact me.

All Lustre work can be viewed by clicking HERE!